Patricio Davila / Designer-Artist


Entre Texto Y Tierra

Interactive Video Installation

Words of escape, control, and colonial history are triangulated to trace the connections between imperialism, past and present. This interactive video installation asks the participant to assume the role of mediator between texts representing prisoners of war, the U.S. military and the island of Cuba.

Three texts are spoken and controlled by the gallery visitor: legislative text which establishes the terms and the jurisdiction under which unlawful enemy combatants are detained; poetic text which attempts an escape from the confines of U.S. Camp Delta in Guantanamo, Cuba; and finally, treaty text which establishes the conditions of U.S. occupation in Cuba.

The interactive installation was designed with consideration of the haptic qualities of everyday objects. It also played on the contrast between decidely non-technological qualities of sand and collage and computer-controlled. Performance, video, open-source code, and Bluetooth connectivity were used to build the project.


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Entre Texto Y Tierra