Patricio Davila / Designer-Artist

Fall 2009


iPhone/iPod Application
The Necklace Show at The Department gallery

Sautoir, meaning “to chain” in old French, is a long necklace with a length exceeding that of the opera necklace. Usually extending beyond the waist this necklace was often wrapped or tied into knot when worn. Its extravagant length, flowing movement and dramatic style made it very popular during the Edwardian period and the roaring twenties. The twenties, in particular, experienced a huge surge in industrial production, consumerism and mass media. Access to fashion, commodities, technology and other luxury goods also widened to a larger sector of society.

Our personal relationship to mass produced objects and how we think with these objects is the focus of Satoir. Sautoir is designed to invite the reader to peruse the passage by touching the necklace on the screen and by rotating the device itself.


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