Patricio Davila / Designer-Artist


Preprinted Chemotherapy Order Forms

Human Factors researchers and clinicians at University Health Network (UHN) collaborate with OCAD University Graphic Design students and faculty on improving pre-printed orders for cancer chemotherapy patients.

The project runs through OCAD University's Frogpond program, an interdisciplinary, hands-on extra-curricular forum that grew out of OCAD University's Think Tank program, bringing together students, alumni and faculty on real-life projects responding to the theme, "design for humanity". The project involved seven fourth-year students working with researchers to improve the design of cancer chemotherapy order forms. Faculty leadership was provided by Graphic Design program chair Keith Rushton, Patricio Davila and Richard Hunt. UHN's Human Factors researchers had determined that errors in filling out order forms were a significant contributor to adverse patient reactions.


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